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This part of my blog is for those who have not read the book “Why Save Alexander” by Phillip Telfer. There are no spoilers. You may also be interested in this section if you have read the book because you may discover a little more about me.  I’m writing this section from the perspective of where I was in my life before my adventure. There’s another blog section that I’m writing for those who have read the story and won’t be annoyed with spoilers but want to learn more about my story that was not covered in book.

November 15, 2019

I’m a little nervous about the book going public. I was able to read the final edit and there are a few embarrassing moments that I wish the author would have skipped. Phillip is an okay guy but I sometimes wish he was a little more enthusiastic about gaming in general, it must come from his years travelling the country speaking to teens about making better decisions about how they spend their time. He thinks I need to be reading more books, yeah right, of course he would say that, he’s an author. Anyways, he said he wasn’t able to include everything in the story that I was hoping for, in fact, there’s one section in the book that he skips a major part of my story. I have permission to fill in some of those details in this blog but I have to keep those stories in the other blog section for readers who have already read the book and don’t have to worry about spoilers.

November 17, 2019

I’m not allowed to put a picture of myself on this website because the author says it will spoil the image in people’s minds of how they think I look. I guarantee that I look better than how Phillip described me and how you might imagine me from just  reading a basic description. He says we should do a drawing contest and let creative readers sketch or draw or paint a picture of how they imagine me. Hopefully we can post those on this site and maybe have a contest! Use the contact form here to let me know if you’re interested.

November 21, 2019

Bummer. I was just told that the book isn’t coming out on November 27th. The publisher says it’s going to be for sale on December 17th. Oh well, it’s not as if I don’t already know the story but I’m looking forward to others reading it. 

Alexander Brooks, age 17

Alexander Brooks, age 17

Hi, I’m Alex Brooks from Culver City, CA. The book Why Save Alexander is about me! Well, it’s also about my Mom and my Dad, and Agnes, Setiawan, Indah and a few others. 

I once learned an acronym from my friend Agnes. It’s what she calls a conversational tool to help you get to know someone when you are first introduced. The acronym is FROM, which stands for Family, Recreation, Occupation, and Memory. So here’s a little more about me…

Family: I don’t always like talking about my family because we are a little messed up. Hopefully that’s changing.

Recreation: My passion is gaming and I hope to become a professional soon. I have a real shot at it, especially since my mom is a television producer and has started a reality show about gamers, starring me — and three other teens. I’m getting lots of exposure and I can’t wait to graduate from high school so I can devote even more time to my sport. 

Occupation: Well, most teens don’t have an occupation but we usually have some dreams about the future. I’ve already told you mine so this question doesn’t really help in my case.

Memory: Agnes once asked me about a favorite memory and that stumped me. I guess I like to live in the present. The only thing I could come up with was when I was little and got my first gaming console for Christmas. That was memorable. 

About My Blog: I could write a ton about e-sports but this blog is about the story that is told in book Why Save Alexander. I have two versions of the blog in case you haven’t read the book yet and you don’t want any spoilers. 

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