Now that you’ve read my story, I’d love to know what questions you may have. There are six months of my life on the island that weren’t covered at all. I think the author had to keep the word count below a certain number so there wasn’t space. That’s really too bad because I had a lot of adventures during those six months and some of them should have been included, like the time I fell out of a coconut tree while learning how to harvest the sap for making palm sugar. You would never believe how and where I landed. I also made new friends, like Rimbo, who really helped me learn the daily routine of the village. I also became quite an island foodie. It’s strange how your tastes can change when you don’t have the options you are used to. I did think about my favorite foods a lot, especially In-N-Out, my favorite burgers and fries. I like animal style fries and I don’t like lettuce or tomato on my burger. I got real sick from my change of diet after getting home. Maybe I overdid things a little with the burgers and fries. Overall I am eating healthier and more diverse foods. This has given me a new connection to my mom who is uber healthy with her diet. As I said, don’t hesitate to ask your questions and I’ll see what I can do to answer them on this blog.  

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